Everything You Need for Your Holiday Event

Everything You Need for Your Holiday Event

The time for Holiday entertaining is quickly approaching and along with it comes the age-old questions, such as:

  • Even though they haven’t RSVP’d, will Aunt Mae and Uncle Bart still be coming? And if so, will they bring guests again? (They don’t Facebook and are notorious for not returning their calls)
  • What can be done to keep the kids occupied this year?
  • Can those old chairs in the attic survive another holiday entertaining season without falling apart?
  • Should we buy more china or risk having to bring out the hodgepodge of old dishes and flatware from deep storage?
  • Does a bean-bag chair count as a chair? Does an end-table count as a table?
  • With the four different shaped tables and three different sets of china and mismatched dishes displayed throughout the room, does it look like a dinner party or an indoor rummage sale?

We’ve all encountered these questions in one form or another, while trying to keep the holiday get-togethers as memorable and special as possible. The truth is though, that sometimes our guest list gets a little bigger than we plan --families do grow --and it may be that you have either too little space or an inadequate supply of what’s needed to properly get your event off the ground. That’s where renting comes in. By renting what you need for this holiday season, you’ll be able to enjoy a less stressful event and make things look the way you want them to, not the way you wish they could. You will also have more money to spend on your family, rather than the extra tables, chairs, dishes and party supplies that will have to be hauled away and stored for another year.

An important thing to think about before going any further is space. If your living room is twice the size of your dining room, than you may want to consider re-purposing it for the short term as a way to accommodate the number of guests that will be coming. You may also want to find a place to put non-essential furniture in order to make room for banquet and/or buffet tables, etc.

Here’s just a brief list of renting ideas for your next holiday event:

  • Tables and chairs come in a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. Determine the number of guests and a possible layout to see what works for your room. For a uniform look, you may even want to take your existing dining room table and chairs out to the garage. Did you plan on serving family style or buffet style? There are tables to accommodate whatever you decide.
  • Linens are a fun and easy way to tie everything together. You can choose fall colors or the traditional reds and greens for the holidays. A unified color scheme will help set the tone for the whole room!
  • Dishes and Silverware should not be overlooked. Why be burdened by a large stockpile of dishes that will only be used once or twice a year? Rent them and enjoy a generous supply of beautiful (and matching!) china, glassware and silverware. The effect of a large, uniform place-setting will bring the "wow-factor" to your holiday event!
  • Entertainment ideas such as renting a digital movie projector and screen to keep the holiday favorites running will keep the kids happy (even the grown-up ones). Of course the big game on the large screen might keep Uncle Bart happy too. Another great idea is to rent a Santa costume for the kids to help make holiday memories and photos even better.
  • Decorations such as flowers, table arrangements, balloons, and even a Christmas tree can bring the finishing touch to your entertaining space. The possibilities literally are endless!

Give us a call to see what we can do to make your holiday event extra special. Whether you need just a few extra chairs to accommodate additional guests or even if you’ve convinced Uncle Bart to wear the familiar jolly red suit, our staff will be happy to help you with whatever you need.